Banking & Investing

Are you tired of paying those lousy bank fees and service charges? Are you looking for a community bank like ‘the old days’ when all the staff new your name when you walked in the door?


Welcome to your Cloverdale Canadian First Financial Centre – a new way to bank locally! We are proud to be the first CFF Financial Centre in the Cloverdale area, offering a full suite of banking and investing products through the CFF Bank.

CFF Bank is a Canadian Chartered Schedule 1 Bank backed by CDIC (which means all of your deposits are as secure as any other big bank in Canada).

We are now your Mortgage Brokers… And your Bankers too! CFF Bank is the first Schedule 1 bank in Canada to offer banking and investment products through top level Mortgage Brokers in the country.

This means that instead of meeting a new teller every time you walk in to your current bank, you can now come and see us or pick up the phone every time, always knowing who you are going to talk to.

Our Products

EasyOne Account

The name says it all. The EasyOne is a three part account: No Fee Chequing Account, High-Interest Savings Account, and unsecured Line of Credit… all in one! The EasyOne will pay you high interest on your positive balances, but will also allow you to draw from it as a line of credit if you need to. It can be your main account, and everything in between! The EasyOne truly can do everything you need it to.

EasyOne Account

Tax Account

Our clients are raving about their use of our High Interest Savings Account as their tax account. Rather than paying your taxes through your mortgage, set up a HISA and earn some interest on the tax money you set aside! When you remit your taxes in July, the leftover interest that you’ve earned can be used to pay down your mortgage, or anything else you want to do!

High Interest Savings Account

TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account)

A program created to help Canadians invest and save while still saving tax on interest they’ve earned.

GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate)

A low risk investment that offers a guaranteed return over a predetermined period of time.

RRSP (Retirement Savings Plan)

A tax sheltered investment account focused on savings towards your retirement.

Applying for CFF Bank products is pretty simple. Just fill out this form and send it in to us and we will take care of the rest!

CFF Application Form