Ultimate Variable Rate Mortgage Guarantee

Relax, knowing that when it comes time to lock in your Variable Rate Mortgage, the Ingram Mortgage Team guarantees you will lock in to the lowest rate available. That's our Promise to you.

What is the Ingram Mortgage Team UVRM Guarantee?

  1. We will keep an eye on your mortgage rate for you! Whenever we see a change in the rate, we’ll inform you AND we will tell you when it’s a good time to lock-in to a fixed rate.
  2. When locking-in your mortgage to a fixed rate we will GUARANTEE our broker best rates OR we will pay your breakage fee and find you the best fixed rate.

No bank can or will offer to take you to another bank when their lock-in offer is their posted rates since they only have one set of rates & solution. Has your bank ever offered to help you shop for better options outside what they can offer?

This “Broker Rate Lock in Guarantee” means that our service doesn’t stop once you sign your mortgage documents—we continue to look for the best mortgage options for as long as you have your mortgage with us – that’s our commitment to you.

Please note that this does apply to existing variable clients who obtained their variable rate mortgage through Ingram Mortgage Team & we will of course review all your options if you are looking to lock in.

Eligible Lenders: First National, Merix, Street Capital, Scotia, TD, Home Trust, Eq Bank, Canadiana Standard, CFF, ICICI, Meridian, First Ontario Credit Union, MCAP Standard, B2B, NBC

Non-Eligible Lenders: RBC Royal Bank, BMO, CIBC, PC Financial, Manulife, Tangerine, Investors Group, RMG Low Rate Basic, MCAP Value Flex, Canadiana Spendless, Industrial Alliance, True North